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Express Barbecue Ribs Recipe For People In A Hurry

We wanted to begin this post by sharing a “tricky” recipe that can be used when time is tight. BBQ Pork Ribs (no BBQ).

There are two options available for this express recipe:

  • 25min Microwave, freezer, microwave
  • 40min Microwave and Grill Oven

Both recipes require very few ingredients: a good barbecue sauce (Tevas & Co has them delicious) and a pork rib which you can purchase at any butcher shop. It is best to use less expensive Iberian pork for ribs or raise with chestnuts etc., as the marbling fat in this dish is not an asset, but a drawback.

How to get them to easily peel off

A simple but effective trick to barbecue ribs is to make a “paradina” (a kitkat, a parenthesis; call it what you like) which allows them to gain temperature, lose heat, and then finish them off with a caramelized marinade.

These temperature changes and differences in the speed at which bone and flesh change are the best ways to make sure they come off easily.

To test both options, we have split the ribs into two pieces. Both halves have been placed on a plate. Then, we put the microwave to heat for 10 minutes at maximum power.

To prevent grease splatters from accumulating in the oven, we recommend using a microwave cover. You guessed it, the microwave lids sold by Tevasco. However, they are well worth it because you don’t need to clean it as thoroughly. We will do the “paradina”, which takes about 10 minutes. However, this recipe is quick and easy. After coating each half with barbecue sauce, wrap it in aluminum foil. Then, put it in the freezer for ten minutes to bring the temperature down to the maximum.

How to make barbecue ribs in a hurry

We have two options at this point:

More microwaves

We remove the frozen ribs

We take off the aluminum foil and place the ribs back on the plate

After ensuring that the sauce is evenly spread, we put the item back in the microwave for three more minutes. (Now the lid is essential).

Add a touch of oven

We use the time in the freezer for 10 minutes to heat the oven to 200 Deg F.

The aluminum foil should be removed from the ribs. After it has been spread, we will place it in the oven for 6 min.

Finish the grill function after 6 minutes.

Both are acceptable for less that 30 minutes and allow for effortless pleasure during weekdays.

The easiest indicator of its worth is the ease at which the meat comes off the bones.

A good clean of the microwave can be used to get rid of strong odors from your microwave.


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