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How To Find Out If Someone Is Lying

Major Karl Erickson, a former Green Beret Sergeant, has been confronted with all sorts of liars, including militant locals who won’t tell you the truth, friendly forces that exaggerate their ability to help, and guys in your squad who aren’t willing to admit they got involved in something they shouldn’t have.

Erickson learned a simple way to unmask a lie throughout his career. These are the steps.

1. Don’t forget what you saw in the movies

They always tell you to look at your eyes in movies and TV. They are lying if the man looks up at the left or right. This may be true for some people. However, it is important to remember that not all people lie.

2. Get Social

Before you meet with the person, do some research and find out as much information as possible about them. Look at their social media pages to find out what they are most open about, such as holidays and celebrations. Then search for things that could make it uncomfortable.

3. Begin with the fun stuff

As they answer simple questions, analyze their body language. If they lie about holidays or seem anxious, you can tell that they are simply nervous. Take a look at their eyes and see if they are clearing their throats before speaking. Do they lean forward or back?

4. Increase the temperature slowly

Next, move on to the topics that you believe they may be lying about. This could be information you have read about their company. Listen to their body language and tone if they lie.

5. Go for it!

You should now have a solid foundation in your child’s body language and their speech patterns so that they can tell the truth. You are now ready to tackle the questions that you don’t have the answers to. You will be able to determine if they lie or not by using the information you have about them.

6. Ask your questions in three different ways

Ask the same question three times if you suspect someone is lying. This is not a way to find out if someone is lying, but rather to examine if it seems like a scripted answer. Are they using the same precise phraseology repeatedly? This is something politicians are very good at. This allows them to answer your question without having to reveal anything that they don’t want. If they give you the impression that the answer is already in your hands, it is either a sign they are lying or they aren’t telling the truth.

7. Check your speed

Pay attention to how fast they respond to questions. Do they respond quickly and without much thought? Imagine a teenager standing before his parents. If the parents ask a question, and the boy answers immediately without thinking, then the answer is ready.

8. Have another set of eyes and ears

If possible, have another person observe the room. You can have someone pose as an assistant, or as a computer scientist. Your presence will quickly disappear from the subject of your interview. This gives you another pair of eyes to pay attention to what the subject does.


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