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The Benefits of Using Rugs in Winter

The benefits of using rugs in winter

Let us share with you in this article the unknown advantages of wall-to-wall rugs and especially their benefits in the cold months.

Winter temperatures are perfect for drinking hot chocolate, keeping warm and chatting about a book next to the heater. However, for many this is synonymous with expenses and they seek to cut expenses to enjoy the season; one of the best options to do this is to have a rug in winter.

The benefits of having a rug in winter are many in addition to the traditional decorative uses of these pieces, known for being synonymous with beauty, style and reinvention.

Advantages of rugs in winter

Carpets retain heat

Rugs are highly important decorative pieces for winter times.

Using rugs in winter prevents feet from coming into direct contact with the cold floor surface, preventing colds or imbalances in body temperature.

In this sense, in addition to blocking contact with the ground, rugs in winter retain heat, becoming thermal objects to raise body temperature. On the other hand, bedroom rugs are the main options to buy in winter, due to their warm effects for the rooms.

With one of them, you don’t have to be afraid to put your feet up when you get out of bed or look everywhere for winter stockings, thanks to the fact that they retain heat and the best are rugs to save on heating. 

One type of rugs that the experts have added to the list of highly recommended rugs, especially for wintertime are the modern oriental rugs, an avant-garde option par excellence given their iconic versatility that makes them perfect decorative pieces for any space at home.

A wall-to-wall carpet is a carpet that covers the entire surface of a room. It is placed on top of the floor, which is covered by another material, and staples, nails or glue are used to keep it fixed since it has a net-like base.

It is very common to find wall-to-wall rugs made of synthetic fibers but there are also other ones made of cotton, wool, jute, sisal, coconut, bamboo and hemp.

Rugs save money

With a rug under your feet, you will reduce energy consumption through heating, thanks to its thermal effect.

Using a rug in winter in places where you are busy will prevent you from turning on the heat while doing chores.

It is possible that a carpet accompanies your feet, while you are developing activities on your desk, it keeps you warm and you do not need the help of heating for minutes or hours.

When a carpet makes the use of heating unnecessary, then you will experience direct effects on your expenses because you will have carpets to save on heating.

The lower the use of heating, the lower the amount to be paid for services. Carpets in winter to save on heating will be an ally for your finance in wintertime.

Protect your children

The arrival of winter sometimes reduces the walks or the tour of open spaces. For many, home is the most comfortable place when it comes to cold.

Therefore, children spend more time at home running from one place to another and are exposed to slipping or falling during their games.

In this sense, rugs in winter and at any time of the year reduce risks for children by providing them with a soft and padded surface for their falls or games on the floor.

In addition, they will prevent your children from being in contact with the cold floor and exposing themselves to respiratory diseases that are so common at this time of year.

They reduce stress

The different textures of bedroom rugs provide a soft surface for your feet.

Contact with these surfaces lowers stress levels by stimulating the soles of the foot through rubbing.

Remember that in the feet there are multiple nerve endings of the body.

In this way, rubbing your feet against the carpet or just feeling the friction of its surfaces is a perfect stimulus combined with a deep breath to free yourself from everyday stress.

It is excellent to have rugs in the office or under the desk to rest your bare feet in the middle of the workday.

Other options to offer a relaxing experience to your body are:

  • A bedroom rug at the foot of your bed.
  • A thicker rug on arrival at your home.
  • A couple of modern shag rugs at the base of the sofa.

Beautify your home

In addition to their economic benefits, winter rugs are practical and dazzling resources for decorating your home.

Some people use rugs as framing tools for furnishings such as dining rooms or tables while others use a bedroom rug that spills over both sides of the bed and across the front area, creating a wide covered area bordering the sleeping area; the ideal being to have a Wall-to-Wall Carpet that covers the entire surface, thus projecting a larger area.

Likewise, box rugs are not ruled out for entrances to rooms or other key spaces at home.

If you want to use it during the winter, it’s best to have large wall-to-wall rugs that cover enough expanses of floor that you can walk across.

How to choose rugs in winter?

Choosing a rug is an easy task and with a few tips you will choose the best designs for you.

Have a goal in mind

Before buying any object remember to draw a purpose in relation to it. Buying a rug to generate heat in winter is not the same as buying one to absorb moisture from the shower.

The objectives will lead you to different options such as:

  • Short-pile rugs: excellent office rugs. Her demure appearance fits the work environment.
  • Long-haired rug: very comfortable to the touch. Excellent for relaxing and cushioning children’s falls.
  • Palmette rugs: ideal for covering surfaces such as offices, living rooms and children’s playrooms. Their contribution to aesthetics is unmatched. They allow the replacement by palmettes.
  • Wall-to-wall rug: traditional, comfortable, ideal for doing activities on the floor in a comfortable way: play, rest and have the warmth of the rug everywhere.

Create a budget

Remember that winter should never catch you off guard.

Do not wait for the arrival of winter to make impromptu expenses on carpets, whose immediate effect could be a mismatch in your spending scheme, unless you receive an unexpected income.

In these cases, it is better to evaluate the different prices of carpets in winter and prepare a budget of expenses that you make from month to month, to receive winter with the best possible preparation.

It will always be possible to choose a model that meets the following requirements:

  • Make you feel good.
  • Make up a portion of your balanced budget.
  • Provide the desired benefits: protection from the cold, care for children or relaxation.
  • Bring beauty to your location, enhancing the aesthetics of the place.

Choose it in coherence with the color palette of your home

Is there an abundance of wooden furniture in your living room? What is the predominant color in your bedroom? Is your home full of electronic gadgets, grayish colors and sporting the latest technology?

For each space, the rugs in winter or for any time of the year will play an important role in your overall decoration at home.

If you want the rug to be in your room to provide relaxation and shelter, light colors are recommended. Another recommendation is to use long-haired modern rugs if there are many padded furniture or tables with large glass.

With these tips you will be able to choose the best rugs in winter to save on heating while you find the rug that will give your home some color and a beautiful look.


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