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Ways to Improve Your Look Beyond Fashion

It is not just a matter of dressing well, but of how we wear clothes, combinations, tones and styles. Making a good impression on the people in your everyday life is also making the best first impression on the people you meet.


Try these New men’s gear like watch or bracelet that you decide to wear with your outfits should reflect your style. With this, you are suggesting to those who observe you that you take care of the details. Try that the accessory does not draw so much attention (unless that is the intention), since this accessory should enhance and affirm your personality.

Exact measurement

Most of the men don’t know their exact measurements, both for jeans, shirts, t-shirts, etc. The most dramatic improvement that can be made to a man’s style is to make sure everything fits together flawlessly. But let’s not confuse “tight” with the right size, a very large or very tight garment totally messes up the look.

Dress according to age

This does not mean that you have to dress formally all the time, but it does mean that you have to dress maturely. In the work and personal field, whatever your age, it is ideal to show your style; the way you talk and walk is your cover letter. It doesn’t mean you have to dress like a much older person. It simply means that you should see yourself as someone who exudes security, confidence, and professionalism.

Less is more

Your wardrobe should have basic and simple garments that combine with each other. Those timeless garments, that is, those that do not go out of style, jeans, shirts, jackets. Do not overload yourself with what is fashionable and will last a single season. You will not always look the same as the window mannequins.

Updated face

Total shave, because there is nothing more messy than a bunch of hair on the face aimlessly. Or, if you want to sport a beard, take the time to keep it trim, hydrated, and stylish. Don’t let your beard be a facial “juyal” of illusions. Just as you must also be up to date with your haircut.


Do not be surprised by this topic, since most do not know their interior size, there are times that it fits a lot or is too big. And when the underwear is very loose, it tends to come out of the pants, and it is not enough to walk in. Learning to recognize and remember your underwear size is a priority on the list of improving your image and, please, discard those that are already broken or worn. They’re done, let them go.

Footwear in good condition

Dirty, ripped, stained shoes or sneakers have the power to ruin a look. And don’t say “no one is going to see” because it is the first thing that is observed, especially in the workplace. Use your shoes according to the occasion and keep them in good condition.


If your style is more casual, add some variety to your wardrobe with a pair of chinos so you can give jeans a break a few days of the week. Casual wear for any man is a pair of jeans, but chinos are very popular for dressing up but with a casual edge.

Good suit

The suit will serve you for special events that require elegance. There is nothing better than having it made to measure or buying one and having it tailored. The most versatile are those in blue tones.


To discover your style of dress, you should learn to recognize your body, your size and your main objective for your image, you should try new clothes and styles leaving your comfort zone. Making mistakes is the best way to learn. Don’t be afraid to express yourself through your clothes.


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